Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Apply for Membership?

Any Australian resident, who is  Adult , 18 years and above and who supports Hindu Society of Victoria Temple objectives and principles can apply for Life Membership. Please note this is Paid Financial membership only.

How much is application fees?

New applicants can join as Life time members only.
Existing Annual Members need to renew their membership every year.
Family membership entitles membership to both wife and husband.

Membership Type Amount Who is eligible Comments
(1) New Life Member
(Only option available for all new applicants) 
$750 Single/Couple One Life time fees (can paid in 5 installments within a year)




Items (2),(3)&(4)
are available only to “approved & active annual members” who have paid their fee for the year before. 

(2) Existing Annual Member –   – Renewal Fee / Year  for
$75 Single/Couple
(3) Existing Annual Member – Renewal Fee  / Year for (Pensioner) $55 Single/Couple
(4) Existing Annual Member – Renewal Fee  / Year for
(Unemployed) or
(Student) or
$55 Single

How we can pay the Fees?

After filling the online application form completely and on final confirmation ,

you can pay the fees using your  credit card (Master/Visa Cards only), using secured STRIPE payment gateway

Please note we don’t store any of your credit card details on our systems

Who can give a reference check to join as a new member or renewal of Annual membership?

All the New membership or Renewals ( only for already existing approved annual members )  who don’t provide their membership number need to provide the  following details of  an existing member who can identify you. We will verify the reference check before confirming your membership if required.

      1. Full Family Name and Given Name
      2. Email details
      3. Mobile Number
      4. Home Phone (optional)
      5. Their current membership number

Do we need any proof of documents to submit?

We need the following documents  to verify your Identity and  address.

If you are applying for Concessional membership  we need proof of your eligibility to claim Concessional membership subject to verifcation

All the documents should be submitted  as a picture in ” png or jpeg or jpg ” formats only with a maximum 1 Mb size each
The  Reference details, address details and concessional details will be verified before approving your application form.
We encourage you to submit all the documents in acceptable form as specified to approve your application in time 


Main Applicant Spouse Applicant
New Life Membership   1. Photo images of  your Driving Licence front side

2. Photo Image of  your driving licence backside (if there is address change)

1. Your spouse recent Pass Port size photo(optional)
 1.Recent Telephone/Gas/Electricity Bill with your address and name and
2. Your recent Pass Port size photo(optional)
Proof of Pensioner,Unemployed,Student  concession membership as New Member/Renewal  1. Photo copy of your recent pension card or unemployment  or Student card

Dear Devotee, before applying Online, for the Hindu Society of Victoria (HSV)  Membership , we encourage you to go through the Frequently asked Questions.
From 1st Nov 2021 onward, using this Online Application form only , HSV accepts New Application forms for Life membership , Annual Renewals for only existing annual members ( note: Anuakl Membership Option is not available anymore) and Installment Payments. Please note all the New Membership forms need to be submitted before 28th February to be eligible to vote during that year. All renewals need to be submitted before 1st April to be eligible to vote during that year.

Please Click the following link to submit  your online membership application form and pay the applicable fees. Once you successfully complete the application form, you will receive an acknowledgment email.

For all your further queries, please send an email to  only

Many thanks for your interest and support.

Click here to Apply Online Application