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The museum at the Cultural and Heritage Centre offers a divine experience
to the visitors. That is why curators call it a Divine Museum. It has the
following three themes.

Static Museum:

Displays of paintings, pictures, photos, icons and texts only on the walls of the Hall. Texts will accompany the visual images.
For cost and insurance reasons we cannot afford to have very expensive or high value items on display. Moreover, interest in static displays runs out eventually. It was decided to rotate the displays, as many national Museums do to maintain public interest, the logistics in terms of ‘man power’ and storage space can become a problem. Therefore, some other features of a Modern Museum were added. eg, Activities museum and Teaching Museum.

Activities Museum:

To conduct Kolam / Rangoli competitions. Temple festival games such as ‘Kathputli”, “Uriyattam”, “Puli Attam”, “Karagam” and “Kol Attam”. Encourage Youth who have completed arangetrams to assemble regularly to conduct dances recitals and Katcheris –this will help involve our Youth.

Teaching Museum:

To invite speakers from Australia, India, SriLanka, Malaysia and in fact from anywhere in the world to deliver talks on Hinduism, Ayurveda, Yoga etc and Indian-Asian cultures to be held regularly at the Museum Hall. plan was develpoed to organise Bhagavad Geetha week, Swami Vivekananda week, Navarathri week, Pillaiyaar kathai week, Children story telling week by elders etc.

Opening hours: By appointment only. Please contact Shanthini Arunothayaraj