The Divine Museum

Has been created encompassing the following

• Concept of God
• Panchbutha sthalas and the elements
• Dasavataram
• Ramayanam
• Mahabaratham
• Dance of Shiva
• Temples
• Philosophers
• Saints before 15th century
• Dharma and Karma
• Spirituality of fine arts

The mission of the museum is to provide temple devotees, visitors and the general public, with an avenue to obtain knowledge and information on Hinduism and Hindu Culture and
contains the following

Static Museum:

Displays of pictures and text along with computer visuals.

Activities Museum:

conducts activities to recover the cultural heritage of Sanatana Dharma and transmit it to the coming generations.

Teaching Museum:

Invites speakers from various sub sects of Hinduism, the aim being to accommodate all the devotees of every Hindu god, speaking different Indian languages, observing different practices but adhering to the Sanathana dharma.

Opening hours: By appointment only.

Please contact  Temple Manager  on  03 9782 0878 

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