Priest Recruitment for Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple (March 2021)

Melbourne, Australia

Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple, Carrum Downs has been serving the spiritual and cultural aspirations of Victorian Hindus for the past 26 years.  Poojas in the Shiva Shrine are performed as prescribed by Shivagama Sastra. Poojas in Vishnu Shrine are performed as prescribed in Vaikasana Sastra.

We are looking for Sivacharyas proficient in the Shivagama tradition of rituals.

The prospective candidate shall

    • Be a Brahmin
    • Follow the traditional dress code for Shivacharya.
    • Have completed general education up to year 12.
    • Have completed five years of Vedic education in a Gurukula or under a recognised Guru
    • Have undergone training under a Shivacharya or in a big temple.
    • Have worked in a big temple for at least five years as a Shivacharya.
    • Have performed Brahmothsavams and Kumbhabishekams.
    • Report to the temple managers.

Duties include

    • Conducting Poojas, Uthsavams, Homams and other functions strictly according to the religious practices of the temple, its time limits and schedules.
    • Prioritising and foreseeing the requirements for the forthcoming events and making necessary arrangements in conjunction with the other priests and managers.
    • Attending to the “yagasalai” and “kumba” arrangements for the various poojas.
    • Sanctifying the deities and sanctum sanctorum (Moolasthanam) and all other property belonging to the temple and used in the pooja and ceremonies.
    • Preparing “naiveithiam” and “prasadam” for the temple requirements. 
    • Attending to the spiritual requirements of the worshippers by way of counselling and education.
    • Engaging with the devotees with a focus on service.
    • Providing guidance to the youth in following the Hindu way of living.

The successful applicant will be appointed for an initial period of two years with the possibility of extension based on performance.

Please apply to:

The Secretary, Hindu Society of Victoria (Aust) Inc.,

52 Boundary Road,Carrum Downs, Victoria, 3201, Australia