Project Name: Anadanam project

Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple offers Annadanam also known as Maheswara Pooja in Shiva sampradaya, following most major rituals and events of the temple. You can donate for annadanam of a special event or let the committee decide it for you.
We can display your details if you are the major donor of a particular event’s annadanm or you can donate anonymously.

Project Name : Raja Veethy ( Main Access Road ) Development

Raja Veethy/ Raj Marg is the main access road to the sacred temple and to other cultural facilities. Many devotees feel that it is time to develop this main access, not only to enhance the serenity of the environment, but also to provide safe access to the Temple and Cultural and Heritage Centre.

The current state of this access hampers devotee’s ability to access and enjoy the Temple and Cultural Centre. The access roads have potholes and no pedestrian walkway, which often leads to accidents. Also, it makes the use of mobility aids such as wheelchairs and prams difficult.

The proposed access development includes: construction of underground drainage, kerb and drain on both sides and asphalt pavement including line marking for safe pedestrian path.

State before start of the works:

Work has already begun and we are seeking more donations to complete the project. Please dig deep and donate generously. Project Code Raja Veethy.