Hindu Society of Victoria Annual General Meeting election for 2022/2023

Management Committee Candidate Statements



The following candidates have opted not to include a candidate statement

  • Siva Thiruvasagan – President 
  • Sabaratnam Kathirkhanthan -President
  • Muthukumaraswamy Manivasakan – Vice President
  • Usha Rani Gullapalli – Vice President
  • Thambipillai Visvalingam Aran – Treasurer
  • Kumarasamy Palasubramanium -Secretrary
  • Prathima Baleri –  Assist. Secretary
  • Simnathurai Yogapandithan – Assistant Treasurer  
  • Muruganandam Shankaran – Assistant Treasurer
  • Prasad Toraty – Committee Member 
  • Raj Ratnaraj – Committee Member 
  • Thiagalingam Vijayalingam – Committee Member 
  • Krishnan Karuppiah – Committee Member 
  • Mohan Arunasalam – Committee Member
  • Manisekaran Subramaniam- Committee Member
  • Sivakumar Gurusamy  – Committee Membe
  • Mohan Arunasalam – Committee Member
  • Neelahari Ratnasoth – Committee Member
  • Selliah Jeganathan – Committee Member
  • Sayan Mahendran – Committee Member
  • Suppiah Jeyacumaran- Committee Member
  • Dorai Subramaniam – Committee Member
  • Abhijit Bhide – Committee Member
  • Arooran Raveendran – Committee Member

Candidates were given the option to include a small photograph with their statements and these have been included where they were provided.

All the candidates have signed a declaration that the content is true and not intended to mislead the voting members.

Alageswaran Mukunthas

Candidate for Vice President

The Temple has been part of my life from 2001. I am a devotee and a volunteer, helping to wash the Temple, clean lamps before every major festival and undertaking whatever chores
need doing at the Temple.

I also volunteered in the Canteen with total commitment for four days a week for 15 years, helping the chef and serving at the counter. I was elected as Management Committee member in 2015 and became responsible for the management of purchases in the Canteen. In 2018/19, I served as the Chairperson for the Canteen and am proud to say that our Volunteer Team produced a turnover of approx. $1.3 million.

As part of the Kumbhabisekam Management Committee team, I helped secure value for money quotes, resulting huge savings in the 2019 Kumbabishekam expenses.
Coming from a humble background, I am honest, frank and the temple community’s volunteers well being means a lot to me, and I will not hesitate to undertake any hard work for
the Temple to thrive.

Serving all devotees to the best of my ability with respect and inclusion is my only purpose.

I wish to continue my Seva duties and enable a Seva oriented temple by contesting this election

I declare that my candidate statement is true and correct, that it does not contain matter that
may mislead or deceive a member in the casting of the member’s vote.

Name: Alageswaran Mukunthas
Member number : L 937

Candidate for Treasuer

Pathmakumar Kandiah L944

Candidate for Treasurer

I joined the monthly prayer group in 1984 in Prahran Hall, the origin of today’s Shiva Vishnu Temple and have served as a volunteer ever since.

This temple was built and borne on the shoulders of its volunteers. Unfortunate circumstances have alienated Volunteers, and many have moved away. My desire is to bring back the devout volunteers to resume selfless Seva at the temple and CHC so that devotees, members, and families can enjoy the Temple as a sacred, peaceful house of God and receive His blessings abundantly. 

I served in the management committee during the Kumbhabisekam period of 2018-2019 and was assigned the task of Purchasing and Management of Temple Canteen. An Engineer and Project manager by profession, I used my skills to engage staff and volunteers harmoniously and productively. A record profit of over 1.3 million was made and cafe patrons enjoyed fresh food. 

I have served in the Management of other temples and my experience will enable me to ensure,

  • Accountability and transparency in Management Committee activity and finances of the Temple and CHC.
  • Modernise Communications.
  • Management works in respectful partnership with Volunteers.
  • Fresh food is served in the Canteen and Temple involves in charitable activities.

Ampalavanar Yogatheschuran

Candidate for Assistant Secretary

Ampalavanar Yogatheschuran

My association with the temple commenced as a devotee in 1995 and I gradually developed as a volunteer, helping at the old kitchen, cleaning the temple and lamps before every
major function, serving annathanam and performing any duties as required.

I have also volunteered at the temple canteen for over 20 years and sometimes even twice a day for long hours, helping the chef to cut vegetables and serve food at the counter. I
also served as a committee member for a year in 2016/ 17, organising cultural functions during special festivals.

I am retired and experienced, having ample time to help in the temple and canteen, which justifies my standing as a candidate. I am an honest, kind and hard-working person with an
attitude of developing a service-oriented temple.

I state that the above statement is correct, not misleading any member who is convinced to vote for HONESTY


Ravindranath Tiruvoipati

Candidate for Committe Member

Ravindranath Tiruvoipati L951

Candidate for Committee Member

Rajarathnam Sivanathan

Candidate for Committee Membership

Rajarathnam Sivanathan L612

I’ve been a Shiva Vishnu devotee and contributor since 1986. I’m proud of efforts like buying the first lawn mower and garden shed, and through my business sponsoring all travel plans of masons, and actively leading fund-raising events. 

Around 2002 and with the grace of Shiva and Vishnu, I had the opportunity to address bad behaviours perpetrated by a small group of people that were impacting our unity. At this time I was in the Finance and Constitutional Subcommittee where we introduced an electronic accounting system and a dispute resolution structure to avoid unnecessary court actions. Since 2013, I volunteered in the canteen to improve services and enjoyed being among people who work tirelessly to clean up temple grounds. 

With my engineering, management, and charitable work experience, I believe in establishing accountability, and transparency. I feel we need to leverage modern technology to provide more access and clarity to members and devotees.

If I’m elected I’ll ensure truthfulness, ethical conduct, inclusivity, and structure for Temple operations. I’ll be dedicated to removing overhead and reputational damage associated with elections by elevating the involvement of actual volunteers and members. My goal will be to bring peace among devotees and enable younger generations to succeed in achieving the Temple’s purpose. 

Ampalavanar Yogaparan

Candidate for Committee Membership

Ampalavanar Yogaparan

Who am I?
Associated with HSV since 1985 and eventually involved as architect and town planner by assisting the architect who designed the temple. Development
works spontaneously passed to me upon retirement of the architect and then I carried out for 20 years. Also provided technical advice whenever required and
assisted in resolving issues at critical times.

Reason for my standing as a candidate
Never intended to be in MC. When voluntary services are replaced with PAID workers, I have a deep concern of conversion of the temple into a commercial place, which defines my standing as a candidate with the blessings of Shri Shiva-Vishnu to re-establish ‘Seva’; a form of ‘Worship’ at our Temple, the core of Hinduism.

How and what will I deliver?
I will operate on Love is Religion, considering Religion should help people to become humane. I will be approachable, accountable, ethical, open, honest & transparent in my deliberations for the benefit of the temple and devotees whom I represent. My activities will be courteous, pleasant, harmonious, unified and service oriented.

Contact 0404043839 or kvt3archies@optusnet.com.au

Nagalingam Sivalingam

Candidate for Committee Membership

I am interested in the Hind Society of Victoria (HSV) Management Committee member position.

I have extensive experience in voluntary services in various organisations.  I would very much like to participate in HSV’s activities with the purpose of providing an appreciable Place of Worship to all devotees, visitors and new comers; and to promote the cultural and tradition of Hinduism by volunteering my time and talents.

Nagalingam Sivalingam

Mahendran Markandu

Candidate for Committee Membership

I volunteered at various temples abroad and wish to continue the same at Shiva Vishnu temple. I am honest, open and approach in a polite manner. I love to support temple related activities and serve devotees to the best of my ability with respect. I am retired and eager to deliver my services for the
development of the temple.
I state that the above statement is correct, not misleading any member who relies on my short statement.
Mahendran Markand